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pain in my breastApr 15, 2020
Answered By “Shahin Saif”

Hi Fabiola. There are many causes of Breast pain also called mastalgia. Most common cases are pretty harmless and occur in over 75% of women. It could be due normal hormonal changes associated with your menstrual cycle, or may be due to some other problem within the breast such as fibrocystic disease. It would be really helpful if you could provide us with more details on your age, nature and timing of pain, relationship to menstruation, presence of any lumps in your breasts etc. I would recommend you do the following: 1. make a diary to note when you feel the pain and whether there is any relationship to your menses. This will be really helpful in trying to figure out the cause of your breast pain 2. get either a breast ultrasound or mammogram done just to be sure we are not missing anything sinister.This is highly unlikely but just to be safe (the specific test will be based on your age). Meanwhile I would recommend the following remedies that d 3. try wearing a well fitting bra such as a sports bra as well as use ice packs or heat packs when you feel discomfort. 4. You may try some over the counter remedies such as evening primrose oil daily for about 3 months or paracetamol when you feel the pain, or apply a Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory cream such as Diclofenac gel to the affected breast. Hope this information is useful and please do not hesitate to get in touch. Dr Shahin.

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