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Why use Teledoctor Zambia?

For Businesses

Teledoctor is the perfect platform for patients to avoid visits to the hospital or clinic. With the Covid-19 pandemic gripping the world, Teledoctor will help patients with Social-distancing and can visit their doctors “online” and carry out a virtual hospital service experience.

Teledoctor’s provides employees with the best answer concerning their employee’s health. By enhancing health and productivity of your team, an employer can vastly improve the efficiency and performance of their staff. Teledoctor provides you with highly qualified doctors and health professionals that bring health to you….whether on your phone or computer.

Teledoctor offers illness and injury management, prevention programs, wellness advice and chronic disease management among many other services. Teledoctors’ doctors can act at first point of contact, provide home/office doctor service and round the clock support to personnel to prevent health issues in your workforce.

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